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Christian Fun and Information : Humor


  • Bible Bell Chronicles - Clean humor. Fun quizzes and polls. Links. Updated weekly. 

  • Humor Archive - A collection of clean jokes, many having to do with Christianity or religion. 

  • Cathorama - Cartoons about relationship in the Catholic Church and with society. 

  • Christian Comedy by Prime Example - Jokes, MP3 files to download, free scripts, and column archive. 

  • Christian Humor From About.Com - Links to material around the web to get you thinking and keep you laughing. 

  • Christian Humor Hotline - Top Ten Lists, one-liners, links to more Christian humor. 

  • Christian Urban Legends - Christian urban legends and fables. 

  • Christians Unite - Clean and Christian Jokes - A large collection of Christian jokes, clean jokes, and family safe jokes. 

  • Church Ads We'd Like to See - A lampoon of ads which are only a bit more absurd and obvious than in the actual Yellow Pages. 

  • Churches ad hoc: a divine comedy - Offbeat look at churches in America through photographs. 

  • Clean Laughs - Good clean jokes, laughs, and humour found by Pastor Tim Davis - moderator of the CleanLaugh e-mail list. 

  • Cod Loves You - Humour from substituting the word Cod for the word God in various Christian and biblical contexts. 

  • Creationism - Alternatives tales of the creation, 'as found on tablets of soap'. 

  • Daily Christian Jokes - Two new Christian jokes listed daily. 

  • Eculaugh - User contributed Christian humor. 

  • The Fun Room at Peggie's Place - The Fun Room provides entertaining links and fun for the family. 

  • Funny Bone - Christian humor that will tickle your funny bone. 

  • Genesis Project Memos - Was Earth made by committee? Read how a single planet with rivers of Milk and Honey turned into one of nine pieces of rock (and gas) orbiting its peripheral device. 

  • Grant's Graceland - A place of encouragement with a healthy side order of humor. 

  • His Place - Christian jokes, poems and short stories. 

  • The Holy Observer - The Lighter Side of Christian News. 

  • Hope Community Church - Includes Christian "pick-up" lines. 

  • Humorville Gatekeeper - Our entryway to Humorville, the greatest place for Christian humor on one page. Proof that Christian humor can be well... humorous. 

  • - Christian humor start page with hundreds of Christian and clean jokes, short stories, and electronic greeting cards. 

  • JavaCasa - Jokes, and humorous trivia shared by the Christian Cyberworld, categorized and edited. 

  • JesusPets - This organisation offers a service to care for pets left behind after Christians are raptured into heaven. Contact details, customer agreement and message board. 

  • The Joyful Noiseletter - Interdenominational monthly newsletter full of Christian humor, joy, cartoons, bulletin bloopers, jokes, anecdotes, articles. Includes catalog of humor/joy books and prints of "Risen Christ by the Sea". 

  • Lark News - News for Christians with a sense of humor. 

  • LordLoveLife - Jokes for Christians, photographs, music, dating service, web directory, and a chat room. 

  • Mission Field Humor - Examples of the funny things that happen when you live and minister in cross-cultural situations. 

  • More Than Words Funnies - We all need a laugh. Enjoy fellowship in heart and humor. 

  • MotorCross 30AD - Christ on a Bike! Parody of a video game. 

  • Murray's World - Murray, a small ape, travels the world looking for truth, the meaning of life and the perfect banana. 

  • Neil Chadwick's Humor Pages - Jokes, stories, and poems. 

  • Noahark Family Fun - Family friendly site with Joke of the Week, Verse of the Week, Thought of the Week, and Recipe of the Week, archives, trivia games, and e-cards. 

  • Oneliners and Proverbs - Oneliners, proverbs, quotes, jokes, sayings and thoughts that provoke laughter or deep thoughts. Gathered from all around the world. 

  • Random Church Humor - Christian humor including St. Paul's chain letter to the Corinthians. 

  • Random Religious Jokes    

  • Religious (and other) Humour - John Mark Ministries humor page.   

  • Religious Humour and Clean Jokes - A lighter look at religion. Tasteful religious jokes and clean humour.   

  • Ribtickler - Humorous articles for Christian women.   

  • Secretmotive - Play online games, read the daily jokes, or browse through the cartoons   

  • The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues - The Seven Deadly Sins are those transgressions fatal to spiritual progress. This is your source for info on the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues.   

  • Sheep Laughs: Christian Comedy - Jokes, a comedian list, and audio clips.   

  • Ship of Fools - "The Magazine of Christian Unrest" - Christian humor magazine.   

  • Smile - Put one in your day! - A Christian site devoted to making you laugh. Includes jokes, stories, and an interactive section.   

  • Solomons Storehouse - Solomons Storehouse is a site filled with wisdom and love. You can send free electronic cards, read a joke, enlightening story or gain some wisdom.   

  • Some Assembly Required - Interactive Christian family site with humorous stories, a top ten list, and Christian links.   

  • Spirituality and Humor - The interface between spirituality and humor, featuring personal stories; biblical, theological, and practical content that is positive and/or humorous.   

  • Telejoke - Clean, family-friendly humor for Christian speakers, pastors, radio people...and everyday people.   

  • Virtual Christian Center Funny Pages - Small collection of Christian humor.   

  • The Walrus Times - Satirical and humorous newspaper serving up parodies on modern society from a Christian perspective.   

  • Whirlwind Bible Tour - A whimsically humorous and brief overview of the Bible.   

  • The Wittenburg Door - Online version of Christian satire magazine. Selected articles from current and previous issues.



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