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Past Events

Christian Fun and Information : Past Events


  • Answers in Genesis Seminar 2000 - Seminar hosted at Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA during September 25-26th 2000. Site contains a schedule, speaker bios, and help with getting there. 

  • Franklin Graham Crusade - Crusade aimed at motivating the christian community to share the gospel among non-believers. Held during October 6-9, 1996 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Site also includes a schedule of related events throughout the year. 

  • Invasion Youth Conference - Youth conference held during July/August 2000. Contains information about the events that were run. [Requires Flash] 

  • Operation Antioch 2002 - International celebration in Lebanon, organized by Living Faith Ministry International. Site features event information, mission statement, program, and other details. Also includes information on the Lebanon 2000 event. 

  • A Passion for Souls International Conference - Conference focusing on developing on-street, inner city, and evangelistic ministry. Held at Dallas, Texas, September 20-22, 2001. Features details about costs and dates. 

  • Preach The Word Leadership Conference - Features speakers on building the church through Biblical preaching. Was held during September 1999 in Anaheim, USA. 

  • Reconciliation Walk 1996 - Personal commentary on what the reconciliation walk is all about and what happened during the 1996 event. 

  • Waterwalking - Series of talks in the UK in 2002 by an ex-police officer. 

  • World Christian Conference - Conference seeking to challenge and mobilize Chinese Christians in North America. Was held in northern California, USA, during February 2000.



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